Be Neutral Naturally. Acupuncture for all kinds of Pain (Back,Headache,PMS etc.)
Infertility, Menopause, Behavior,Fatigue, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Constipation, Acid Reflux, Seasonal Allergies, Stroke, etc.

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Testimonials  (Others)(Constipation, Acid Re-flux, Allergies, Weight Control, Diabetes, PMS.. etc.)
Ulcerative proctitis with massive bleeding

November 2018

I was recommended Mr Park  by a friend for ulcerative proctitis. I was tired of conventional medicine that had me on multiple medicines that were not helping. After 2 years of multiple Gastroenternoligistsi had low energy and constant stomach ache. Mr Park was very kind and empathetic as well as knowledgable. in three months i was able to ween myself of one of the medications. He prepares herbs that are continuing to make a big difference.  My condition has improved and i am grateful and hopeful for a full recovery. The needle sometimes pinch a little but once it is in, i find it relaxing. If i hadn?t experienced it myself, i wouldn?t have believed that acupuncture works.

Metuchen NJ


Gastritis and Drowsiness

March 2018

I found Dr David just by googling. The reviews were good. And decided to try. I had never tried it before. And it worked very well. I was very sleepy whole days and I have gastritis. From the first visit the effect is not visible. After a few visits my problem with the drowsiness dissappeared and stomach doesn't hurt that much like before. I highly recommend accupancture to anybody.

Isaac M.
Metuchen, NJ


Child bed wetting and waking up at night

December 2017

Thank you Dr. Park we are so grateful our 12 year old after being treated by you for 9 months has stopped wetting the bed and he sleeps well all night. We are forever thankful for your help.

Metuchen, NJ

I highly recommend Dr. Park!!

December 2017

I have been coming to get acupuncture done by David Insung Park for years now, and I absolutely love it! He's respectful and knows exactly what he is doing! I highly recommend him, check out his practice and you will not regret it. He's the only person who can make me feel better, medicine and other medical professionals have not been able to. Fortunately, he has and that is why I recommend him so much!

Jersey City,NJ 

Weight loss, back and knee pain

July 2016

I learned about Acupark online. I have had success with accupunture in the past. So I decided to try Acupark for Weigh loss, back and knee pain.
I my back pain is gone and the knee improved significantly. The weight loss is taking more time but I do see improvement. I would recomend Acupark
to anyone. Caution with accupuncture you will feel relief after the first sessions but it is not overnight treatment. It works you will feel better and see tangible results.

AJ, Manalapan, NJ


Chronic Sinus

January 2016

For the past several years I've suffered from sinus issues. I've taken over the counter drugs to alleviate the symptoms but they left me feeling dizzy and disconnected. I was skeptical that acupuncture could help my chronic sinus issues.
After 1 visit I was able to breathe freely and have not had an issue since!

KD South Brunswick
July 2015 
 Meniere's disease for a few years ...
I am  a 56 year of female who has been  suffering with Meniere's disease for a few years before I came to Dr. Park's practice.  Around every 6 months i would get a very bad vertigo episode that would last for days. I lost so much work time because of this condition.  It stated 5 years ago and I've tried all kinds of medication for my condition. Mostly I would just take valium, zofran for nausea  and  meclizine  for dizziness to help me get through each debilitating episode. 
I happened to come across a vertigo blog where someone stated that accupuncture worked for them.  i was so desperate at this point that I looked up a local accupuncturist. Dr. Park's website came up and after reading all of his positive testimonials I decided to try it. That was my turning point. 
Dr. Park has truly helped my vestibular problem immensely. I started treatment in November 2014 and now it is July 2015 and I am feeling 100 times better. I go once a week and because of accupuncture I am able to drive, exercise and even move my head in different directions.  With vertigo, the slightest head turn can cause dizziness.  These things seem so trivial to people without vestibular disease but to me it is a miracle. 
I recommend Dr. Park because of his caring and gentle nature.  He has a bedside manner  that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  The  needles do not hurt and once they are in you begin to unwind  and eventually fall asleep.  It is a very nice break from your daily routine to spend 30 minutes relaxing and listening to soft music. 
For all of my fellow Meniere's sufferers, I highly recommend Dr. Park for treatment. I never thought anything would help this illness but after being treated only a few times I saw a big difference in my health. I can't stress it strongly enough to try accupuncture for any vestibular disorder.  Much to my surprise, my insurance covers my treatment, too.   That's a wonderful thing that this form of medicine is being recognized as a valid medical treatment.   I would rather take a natural approach than take pills and hope for the best. 

Thank you, Dr. Park for your expertise and caring manner!


Metuchen, NJ 


March 2015 

Irregular menses for 17 years and menorrhagia for the past 8 years... 

I am so happy to have found Mr. Park. I have had irregular menses for 17 years and menorrhagia for the past 8 years. It was so bad that I could not leave the house for months. So me working in my professions as a Surgical Technician and Massage Therapist was hard to do. I would have to leave jobs because my period was starting. I started seeing Mr. Park summer of 2014 and in the Fall of 2014, I was offered a traveling surgical contract. I took the job and my cycle came on. I was so paranoid and thought I would have to end my contract. Excited to say, it was a shorter, lighter, and more manageable cycle. I didn't need to stay home, because of a profusely heavy and extended cycle. My periods normally last 1-3 months and are super heavy, to the point I once had to get a blood transfusion. I no longer have a heavy cycles. Conventional treatment was not working for me and made it worse.The length of my cycles are shorter as well. I am ecstatic about this. 

 Ayana R.

Princeton, NJ


January 2015 
... the results are wonderful! In a few weeks I began to feel the brain fog lift, my mood was lightened, I was able to cope with things in my life much more easily and my heart palpitations disappeared! ... They have literally seen the stress on my face disappear...
I have been going to Dr. Park since August. I initially began seeing him for stress and heart palpitations caused by anxiety. I lacked energy and was suffering also from brain fog and poor memory. It seemed like it was all related to my anxiety. At first, I was a bit worried about the needles. I didn?t like the idea of needles, however small, being put in my legs and arms. I was a bit of a baby about it, in fact. However, the needles are quite thin and the insertion of them is painless most of the time. I say most of the time because there are a few needles that might feel like there is some pressure at the site but this goes away quickly. Dr. Park is so gentle and caring that any slight fear you might have is gone when you meet him. (He also has a great sense of humor.) He is so capable and professional that it?s easy to just relax and put yourself in his hands. And the results are wonderful! In a few weeks I began to feel the brain fog lift, my mood was lightened, I was able to cope with things in my life much more easily and my heart palpitations disappeared! I continue to see Dr. Park because I feel so good and want to continue to do so and the people I work with have seen a big difference in the way that I go through my day. They have literally seen the stress on my face disappear. Also, as an added bonus, I have not gotten sick this year. I work with young students all day, most of whom are coughing or sneezing on me, yet I am feeling strong and healthy, clear-headed and stress free. Thank you Dr. Park!
Jackie, Plainsboro, NJ 
November 2014

 I have suffered with allergies my entire life, 

taking medication daily ... I haven't had to 

take any medicine and I feel fantastic

 Acupuncture works!!!!!!!!

I was looking for a holistic approach to tackle my chronic allergies and decided to try accupuncture. I have suffered with allergies my entire life, taking medication daily. Since having several sessions i have seen a dramatic increase in my well being. I haven't had to take any medicine and I feel fantastic. Accupuncture works!!!!!!!! I have increased energy and overall my health has improved. Thank you for helping me. I would recommend trying this approach the needles are virtually painless and it has been a successful journey for me.Thanks again




October 2014

Had a high degree of pain in the right side of

 my neck.. After, several visits, I am able to

 turn to the right and I have no pain in both my

 neck and knees. Plus, I am sleeping much 


Had a high degree of pain in the right side of my neck, which prevented me from turning to my right without discomfort and caused headaches and sleepiness; also, I had discomfort in both knees. After, receiving acupuncture from Dr. Park, I noticed the pain has subsided both in my neck and knees. After, several visits, I am able to turn to the right and I have no pain in both my neck and knees. Plus, I am sleeping much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Parks to anyone who is experiencing pain anywhere in the body.

Thank you, Dr. Park


R. H.


October 2014 


I have been suffering from moderate ulcerative colitis for over seven years ... After having gone through 20+ sessions with Dr.Park, I can confidently tell you that the NEEDLES DO NOT HURT AT ALL. It is not comparable to an injection or even a prick from a safety pin. I have been off of the medicines for 4+ months.

I have been suffering from moderate ulcerative colitis for over seven years. After doing a lot of research, I picked one of the top rated doctors in Northeast as my gastroenterologist. He asked me to go through colonoscopy, endoscopy and every time I was bleeding (3 flareups in the past 7 years), my doctor increased the dosage of my medicines. Finally, after doing some research about the long term consequences of popping pills, I decided to pursue acupuncture as an alternative. The biggest concern I had was how painful would the needles be. After having gone through 20+ sessions with Dr.Park, I can confidently tell you that the NEEDLES DO NOT HURT AT ALL. It is not comparable to an injection or even a prick from a safety pin. I have been off of the medicines for 4+ months. Dr. Park helped in not just restoring the balance of my body but also has managed to reduce my stress levels.


Separately, I also had an miscarriage for the first time earlier this year (before meeting Dr. Park). After consulting 2 western medicine doctors who told me to wait until 3 miscarriages before pursuing any fertility treatments, I decided to search for alternatives since I did not want my body to go through any more miscarriages and more importantly, wanted to identify the root cause of the issue and fix the issue, if possible. Again, I continued my acupuncture treatments with Dr. Park and now am 8 weeks pregnant.


Dr. Park is very knowledgeable and addresses the issues in the best possible way. I cannot thank Dr. Park enough and I am grateful to him for life. I have already recommended him to many of my friends and would not be hesitant to recommend him at all.


Thank you.

Ma. Ra., Yardley. 


August 2014 


I have been seeing Insung Park for the past two years. At first I was very skeptical about acupuncture because,like most Americans, I did not realize how effective it has been, for a wide variety of ailments, for hundreds of years.When I first met Insung he stressed that I would not see the effects of acupuncture right away.I am glad I listened to him because I received the following reports from my medical doctors during the past week:

My family doctor...

* The heart murmur I have had for years is no longer there.* The small growth on my kidney is no longer there.

My Hematologist...

* For the past 2-3 years my white blood count has been increasing to a dangerous level.My white blood count has now been dramatically reduced.

Eyes First Vision Ctr....

* I went for my yearly eye exam and was told that my vision has improved.

* During my last 4 exams I was told that my diabetes has caused some damage to my eyes. I was now told that my eyes are clear of any damage.

I do not believe in coincidence when it comes to health issues.The only explanation for the above improvements to my health,is that acupuncture has played a very important role.

Charlie of Hazlet N.J. 


August 2014 

Naturally being diagnosed with MS has released some extreme anxieties ... Well, I must say that I was very surprised. Even after the first treatment, you develop a mode of meditation that I did not think existed. I am very happy with the positives results. 

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. To date, my MS symptoms are visionary with minor motions that occur in my left foot and shoulder. Naturally being diagnosed with MS has released some extreme anxieties. I am currently being treated by a neurologist but my wife recommended me to try acupuncture. She heard some positive feedback from others with different types of illnesses.Needless to say I was very sceptical. I found Dr. Insung via the Internet and decided to give it a try. Well, I must say that I was very surprised. Even after the first treatment, you develop a mode of meditation that I did not think existed <for me anyway>. I am very happy with the positives results. For those you do not believe, please give it a try. The feeling you get after your treatment is a bit euphoria.


August 2014 
All the health doctors I have seen about my problem not one helped me. They just masked the problem by giving me pills. But not Acupuncture!!!!! 
This is the 3rd month that I have had no menstrual cramps! I have had sever debilitating menstrual cramps at a very young age. I was usually not able to go to work the first or second day of my cycle. This month I was actually at work and able to be productive! I just can?t believe after all these years of searching for help I finally found a simple process. All the health doctors I have seen about my problem not one helped me. They just masked the problem by giving me pills. But not Acupuncture!!!!! I am so so grateful! If you suffer with this problem, just try it! I will only help you! THANK YOU DR. PARK
Freehold, NJ 
July 2014 
I have suffered from Crohn?s Disease for two years now and have been taking many types of medications to try to relieve the symptoms since diagnosed. Acupuncture has been a wonderful experience in relieving these symptoms since treatment first began. Although skeptical at first, taking this approach has led me to better health and my experience at Acu Park has been wonderful
-Nicole, NJ 
July 2014 
Within one month I was able to use a walker to get from the car to Insungs office. Within three months I was using a cane. In another three months I was walking unassisted. 
When I first arrived at Acupuncture Park, for my first treatment, my wife drove me because I was unable to. She helped me out of the car and into my wheelchair. Within one month I was able to use a walker to get from the car to Insungs office. Within three months I was using a cane. In another three months I was walking unassisted. Every chance I get, I tell people my story. Some say they will try acupuncture and others say "Oh!.. I tried acupuncture and it didn't work. When I question them further, I usually find that they only went once or twice. When I first met Insung, one of the first things he said was that "Acupuncture is not magic and like anything else, it takes time" I can certainly relate to this. Acupuncture WORKS!! No one can tell me differently. I am living proof of its healing powers. After healing my back & legs, Insung treated & improved my other problems:
1. Allergy relief
2. Headaches
3. Improved sleeping
4. Numbness of toes due to Diabetic neuropathy
5. Pain in both knees
6. bowel movements
I am sure there are those who fear getting needles. Please believe me when I say that I feel absolutely nothing 99% of the time. The other 1% feels no worse than a mosquito bite. Try acupuncture!!! It sure beats living a life of pain & suffering.
Charlie in Hazlet NJ 
June 2014
I find Dr. Park's office runs very efficiently. There is no wait time when u arrive at the office for your appointment and you are greeted very courteously. Dr. Park questions the patient in depth so that he understands his/her problems and provides caring treatment focused on the issue at hand. I would highly recommend him if you had any issues that you feel acupuncture treatment would help.
Jersey City, NJ 
June 2014
Excellent care by a well qualified acupuncturist. I've had the pleasure of being a patient and the application of needles is gentle, very comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend for allergies, headaches and pain.
Suzanne O.
 Princeton, NJ  


June 2014 
 ...the other day, I came in with poison ivy... By the next day, I had no more new spots developing. Two days later, the area was completely clear. Insung has also helped me with my Reynaud's Syndrome and sleeping problems...
I have been seeing Insung Park for the past two years. There doesn't seem to be anything he can't fix.I started seeing him because I have Multiple Sclerosis. He has helped me with incontinence issues from the MS. He also has helped me with my balance and foot drop problems. My hip was not functioning properly which was causing my foot drop issues. He helped a lot with getting my hip to do what it is supposed to do, which in turn, helps my foot drop problems.Then, the other day, I came in with poison ivy and warned him not to touch that spot while he was working on other issues. He said he could fix the poison ivy, which I found hard to believe. He put needles in the area where the poison ivy had started. By the next day, I had no more new spots developing. Two days later, the area was completely clear.Insung has also helped me with my Reynaud's Syndrome and sleeping problems and various aches and pains when they crop up.


February 2014 
the best part is that while everyone around me has been sick, somehow I managed to stay healthy... the tennis elbow feels so much better and my appetite issue is slowly getting better as well!!
I started seeing Insung Park after coming home from a Canyon Ranch trip and sitting in a seminar on acupuncture. I had 2 sessions while at the Ranch and wanted to continue back home. I am mainly concerned with overall health and well being, but had some congestion issues, which cleared up right away and also an appetite cessation (I want to eat all the time!!) and finally I had a bad case of tennis elbow that was not going away. Amazingly over the course of my acupuncture sessions, I feel better than I ever have and the best part is that while everyone around me has been sick, somehow I managed to stay healthy and I do believe it is the great attention given by Insung. The tennis elbow feels so much better and my appetite issue is slowly getting better as well!! Insung is very good at listening and finding the places in my body that need attention and I would highly recommend him to anyone and already have to many of my friends....
Tara C.
Freehold, NJ
December 2013 
size of the tumor was bigger than a golf ball... After a few visits with Insung the tumor was gone..
I went to Insung Park with a tumor on my back. I size of the tumor was bigger than a golf ball. My family doctor wanted me to see a surgeon. The one thing I have learned is that if you go to a surgeon you will have surgery performed on you. That's their training. If they see a lump it must be cut out. That's one of the benefits of acupuncture. After a few visits with Insung the tumor was gone. I have never met a caregiver with more compassion, concern or professionalism.

Mr. C

Freehold, NJ 


October 2013

My eyes are less red, some days they are white, no more headaches, a lot less eye pressure... 

I was diagnosed with severe Glaucoma. My eyes were very red, I had painful pressure in my eyes. I would have to put ice on my eyes some nights. I had frequent headaches as well.

Since I have been getting  Acupuncture at Acupuncture Park, I feel a lot better. My eyes are less red, some days they are white, no more headaches, a lot less eye pressure. I haven?t had to use ice. I feel much better. My goal is to keep my eyes from getting any worse without a lot of harmful medications and surgery. And hopefully improve my vision as well.

Insung Park is a very knowledgeable and professional Acupuncturist. I am glad my wife found him and we switched acupuncturists. I am having better results and my sessions are very relaxing. Thanks for your help.


Freehold, NJ



                                                                                     October 2013

After my first visit, I felt my mind relax and my appetite returned almost immediately ... anxiety is much more manageable and the panic attacks have stopped ... my insomnia reduced dramatically


Dear Prospective Acupuncture Patients,

I began seeing Dr. Park three months ago because I was suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and a loss of appetite. I was hesitant to try acupuncture at first, but wanted to try this procedure based upon the urging of a good friend.

After a thorough initial consultation, I began my first treatment with Dr. Park. His caring and kind demeanor put me at ease. The needles are small and while you might feel a slight pinch, are painless. The experience is extremely relaxing. After my first visit, I felt my mind relax and my appetite returned almost immediately. I started going once a week, then twice a week, now I go every two weeks. The anxiety is much more manageable and the panic attacks have stopped. After a few sessions, my insomnia reduced dramatically, now my sleeping pattern has returned to normal.

I would highly suggest this as a treatment to anyone in the midst of severe anxiety. Through the help of Dr. Park, I was able to manage my illness without medication. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Park and am glad to know this is a treatment I can use again in the future, should I need it.



Freehold, NJ  


May 2013

 Suffering from Migraine

headaches, Sinus infections,

Allergies, & severe back pain

 (After my first two visits I no longer experienced the migraines and have barely had a headache since then)


Patient since Winter 2012
Suffering from Migraine headaches, Sinus infections, Allergies, and severe back pain.
I am a twenty eight year old girl and I started going to Dr. Park because I was suffering from extreme migraines.
I had tried going to a chiropractor, general doctor and physical therapy. The migraines had not gone away at all and the back pain was marginally better but still an issue. After my first two visits I no longer experienced the migraines and have barely had a headache since then.
I have been going to Dr. Park about a  3 months already and I see a huge improvement in my health mentally and physically.
My back pain has decreased significantly and he has been helping me with my allergy symptoms, which have been severely extreme this year.  I look forward to seeing how I will feel after my treatment is completed.  I recommend Dr. Park to everyone he is very professional and caring to all his patients.  I know many people are initially scared of experiencing pain with acupuncture but I haven't never experienced any pain and if fact I have two tattoos which hurt much worse than acupuncture ever has.  On a scale of 1-10 pain with acupuncture is less than a 2 and my tattoos were about 8.  The tiny bit of pain is nothing compared to the vast improvement I have seen in my health since beginning treatment with Dr. Park.



Jersey City, NJ



Apr. 2013
Acid reflux, Blood pressure,
Regularity of Heart Beat,
Sinus issues, Insomnia,
Knee and Back pain
I'm a woman in my 50's and have been going for Acupuncture sessions with Insung Park on average of every other week for well over a year. 
He is a master in his craft and can pinpoint the exact areas to apply needles for wellbeing and energy flow throughout the body. 
My battles have included the following ailments at different intervals of time: acid reflux, blood pressure, regularity of heart beat, sinus issues, insomnia, knee and back pain, but they have all greatly improved and I continue ongoing treatments for anything that ails me.
Insung can even perform acupuncture on the face for anti-wrinkle and anti-age function.  I am a lot more energetic and youthful and furthermore, I haven't had any respiratory ailments of any kind for well over a year. I hardly use pharmaceuticals of any kind and I can honestly say that acupuncture is a life saver in many ways and we are very fortunate to have Insung. 
I wholeheartedly recommend trying any of Insung's treatments for anything that ails you and for stress relief and relaxation.  It works for me and it's now a way of life.
Bordentown, NJ


Mar. 2012

Allergies &
I am now a strong believer of acupuncture
as a safe medical alternative. 
I first came to Insung for my allergies last year. It was so bad I only had 2 hours of sleep every night. When Insung told me it will only take 4 sessions to make my allergy symptoms go away I was a little skeptical. It can't be that easy. But true to his word, after the 4 th session my symptoms cleared up and I felt like the allergies were but a bad dream. I kept going for sessions to address my irregular menstruation cycle. After a few sessions I could pinpoint the exact date I'm getting my period. The best effect of acupuncture for me though is the great blessing of motherhood. Yes, I am 3 months pregnant thanks to insung's help in regulating my hormones. I am now a strong believer of acupuncture as a safe medical alternative. 
Jersey City 



Apr. 25th 2011

Carpal Tunnel, Constipation, Acid Reflux and Sciatica


 "I  was going to have carpal tunnel surgery again but

not necessary any more now..."

I had Carpal Tunnel in my left hand 10 yrs ago and had to have surgery on it.  A few months ago I started having symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in my right hand too.  It would tingle and get numb whenever I used it, especially at work when working at my computer.  It also would wake me up several times at night.  I didn?t want to get the surgery again so tried acupuncture at Acupuncture Park.  Almost immediately I started sleeping through the night.  After continuing with twice weekly sessions for several weeks, I no longer have any symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.  No more numbness tingling or pain ever when I use the computer.  I was also relived of bowl movement, acid reflux and sciatica.  I am so glad I tried acupuncture instead of resorting to surgery again.

                                                                                    -Beverly Daniels.


Freehold, NJ


Apr. 2011 

Weight control, and Back,Knee, and heel Pain.  

Hi my name is kim Booker. The west is so arrogant & ignorant of other treatments for pain control they believe in cutting & drugs but ignore this 3000 year old treatment & subject it their parochial view i have experience less pain because of this treatment also i note a change in my weight which was the  original purpose why i came i say it hardy bravo for insung park.. 

i believe in this treatment i have been involve about a month i think it is a shame its not aim was "weight control" but because of the pain in back,knee,heel pain this is controlled i really appreciate insung park.

sincerely yours,

Kim Booker 




                                                                                                                     Apr. 2011

Diabetes, Hot flush, Chronic tiredness, Stress, Polyuria and Insomnia

I started Acupuncture in December 2010.  I had been taking medication for diabetes for about ten years and have been seeing my doctor on regular basis but within the last year I had been getting high numbers of A 1 c, which had risen to 13 and my number were out of control waking up in the morning, with numbers no less than 250.  Going to bed at night I had numbers of 600 and better.  I knew i had to take another way, I just didn't know which method.  I thought about acupuncture but i didn't know if they were going to take my insurance and i really couldn't afford to pay with cash.  I prayed and asked God to show me the way and I was lead to call Acupuncture Park.  I thank God for leading me here and I thank Dr Park for accepting me.  My numbers today are stable my stress level has gotten better since my last visit to the endocrine doctor.  My medication was stopped.  I believe that one day people will be able to choose treatments that will actually be able to heal their there body without causing more other problems.  Also I felt less frequent number of urination, less heavy body, better tiredness, sleeping and even hot flush. I can truly say Acupuncture has saved my life.  I can never thank you enough Dr. Park, you are the best!!

 -Jimetta West



Natural Red Bull & Energizer

I have started acupuncture treatment with doctor park two weeks ago and can't wait until next session!  I was trying to deal with my pain problems, being tired and losing energy.  I was sceptical about non-traditional medicine and was afraid of needles.  But to my surprise, I did not experience any pain and felt very energetic after the first treatment.  Tomorrow my husband will join me.  He has knee problems and is constantly in pain.  I hope this acupuncture will help him too.

 Thank you

East Brunswick




 Nov. 30th 2010

Relief of lower back pain

                      & Better Bowl movement


I originally began visiting Dr. Park after having chiropractic treatment to my neck and lower back which gave me pain.  After several weeks of chiropractic treatment I didn't have much long-term improvement, I was resistant to the adjustments because they would work initially but eventually I would have the stiffness and pain.  After a few acupuncture treatments with Dr. Park I had relief of the pain.  Once that problem was addressed, we moved onto another problem, my lack of daily bowel movements.  I would go to the bathroom every 2-3 days (sometimes longer), after one or two sessions with Dr. Park I am on a regular bowel movement schedule, I go faithfully twice a day!  I am a new acupuncture patient but I look forward to it every time I have an appointment.



Jersey City


Heavy Metrostaxis (Heavy vaginal bleeding continually)

                                                                                                                  Apr. 2010

I am under 50 years old.  The menopause comes to me as a hardest period in my life.  I?ve got a heavy Metrostaxis with clots during last three months with changing diapers several times in a day and all symptoms belong to it, such as: giddiness?, taints, general body weakness, pain of my down belly and back, night and day time sweating, strong thirst, coughing, and anxiety.

I took some medicine and herbal to prevent my diseases, but these were not help me well.

One of friend of mine, who past the same problems, advised me to try acupuncture.  I applied to Acupuncture Park Office. After second visit I?ve felt much better, the amount of blood discharge really reduced, its almost finished, the pain gone away. And now bleeding was stopped completely in 2 weeks treatment.

Mr. Insung Park is an excellent acupuncturist and herbalist.  That acupuncture procedures and herbal medicine he prescribed me are really working.

I thank Mr. Park from the bottom of my heart.  I hope and believe that he will soon release me from the problems.


A. S.



Migraine, Diarrhea, Lower and Middle back pain and Allergies

 Nov. 27 2009

My name is Changhua, female, middle age, working on computer for several years.
This year, I had eye pain, headache, diarrhea and other uncomfortable gelling with my body.
I went to see my Doctor, and diagnosis was migraine. I also have allergies, back pain, and shoulder pain for a long time. I have received physical therapy, massage for a year. Then I got suggestion from my physical therapy doctor to get Acupuncture. From Feb. 2009, I have received Acupuncture therapy from Dr. Park, who is professional trained and very skillful Acupuncturist. He gave me Acupuncture treatment for my allergies, therefore I didn?t get running nose this spring. He also gave me Acupuncture for my lower back, middle back pain, let me feel much better. My migraine and diarrhea are better sometimes, sometimes not change. As all, I think Acupuncture help me a lot. I greatly thanks to Dr. Park and will try to keep Acupuncture therapy for treatment and adjustment of my body.

Signature of Changhua Zou


Low back pain, Sciatica and Allergies

I know what it?s like to live with pain and to take medication one after another for the pain in order to function with everyday activities, only to have the pain come back once the medicine runs the time span that it is designed to  perform.
I suffered from severe low back pain and sciatica together for long time and I prayed everyday for something that would alleviate this dreadful disabling illness. I have gone to countless doctors and have taken different medications, but nothing seems to work until a friend suggested that I should try Acupuncture- I was skeptical. However, after six months of acupuncture treatment, I can honestly say that I have never felt better, and I now intend to include acupuncture as part of my overall healthcare needs.
Another happening is for pollen allergies, all those symptoms, itching eyes, running eyes and nose, and sneezing are also relieved, so I don?t feel any now.  
This, Acupuncture, works really good! Depending on the severity of your condition, you will start to feel good again in as much as little as two weeks. I?m living proof that this alternative holistic care treatment will change your whole life- you do not have to live with pain any longer.

And thanks again for Dr. Park
Yours truly,

Anette Benton



Constant Headaches, Anxiety, Choking Sensation in the Throat and  Seasonal allergies

Back in 2006 after seeing at least 8 different specialists of western medicine for the past 3 years with no improvement to my conditions, my son's pediatrician recommended to try natural medicine.  Since I have already heard a lot of good things about acupuncture, I decided to do some research and I found Mr. Insung Park thru the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

My symptoms included headaches, anxiety, postpartum depression, choking sensation in the throat, sinus problems, seasonal allergies, and other very unpleasant symptoms I just could not handle anymore.  After just one consultation and one session of acupuncture I felt 50 percent improvement. 

Mr. Park's knowledge of oriental medicine, great expertise and overall ability connect all of the symptoms I was having was simply amazing.  He was always very flexible with scheduling sessions to meet patient's needs.  After 12 sessions of acupuncture and some herbal treatments, I was completely cured.  I have been recommending Mr. Insung Park to everyone since then.

Right after I was cured, my husband received acupuncture treatment from Mr. Park for seasonal allergies.  Before he started he was on Zyrtec or Allegra every single day during allergy seasons.  That was back in 2007 and he has been fine since that time and he never needed to take another allergy pill. 


Forever grateful,