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Testimonials (INSOMNIA)

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Testimonials  (Insomnia)

                              January 2015

I felt robotic and severely anxious. I would cry all the time and overanalyze situations and panic over little things ... I didn't want to go anywhere and I wasn't sleeping at night... I was a lot happier and my anxiety has drastically decreased. Along with some herbal medication I finally felt like a normal human being.

Back in early 2014, I was having a horrible time with adjusting to a new medication that I started January 2014 since my old prescription was no longer available. It was the worst experience of my life! I eventually called my doctor to tell her that I wished to come off the medication immediately and came off the prescription in March 2014. During that time frame I no longer felt like myself, let alone human. I felt robotic and severely anxious. I would cry all the time and overanalyze situations and panic over little things. My family got really concerned for me as at that point since I did not feel happy at all and shut myself in the house. I didn't want to go anywhere and I wasn't sleeping at night. I felt that I was driving all my loved ones away, especially my fiancé. Instead of taking medication for the anxiety (which is always my last resort), I decided to research holistic remedies for the anxiety and insomnia. One of the results that came up was acupuncture, which I had never tried before but had heard wonderful things about it. I searched through hundreds of pages online looking for an acupuncturist who would accept my insurance since I didn't have the money to pay out-of-pocket and the one that caught my eye was Dr. Insung Park's website. After looking through his site and reading several testimonials I decided to give him a call since I had nothing to lose. When I had made my appointment and went to the office and met Dr. Park for the first time I was actually extremely nervous since I always get nervous around new doctors and such, but he was very warm and friendly and was very thorough with explaining everything to me. He is so nice personable, funny, and a very caring person. For once I didn't think explaining what was going on with me made me seem crazy. He took it very seriously and almost immediately after my first session I started feeling better. For months following that I slept better. I was a lot happier and my anxiety has drastically decreased. Along with some herbal medication I finally felt like a normal human being. The sessions have also helped with my stress levels since I had planned my wedding over the summer and got married in September-it helped the planning process run a lot smoother.Now it's almost been a year since my first appointment and I don't regret seeing Dr. Park at all two times a week-I look forward to my session since it's a way for me to unwind and relax. If anything I highly recommend him to everybody if they are looking for an alternative way to deal with pain or medical conditions that can't be helped from Western doctor medicine. I will continue to see Dr. Park for as long as I can. Nobody has really helped me like he has and I am extremely thankful for all he has done.

Thank you so much Dr. Park for helping me get my life back on track. 


Metuchen, NJ                       


October 2014


Had a high degree of pain in the right side of my neck.. After, several visits, I am able to turn to the right and I have no pain in both my neck and knees. Plus, I am sleeping much better.

Had a high degree of pain in the right side of my neck, which prevented me from turning to my right without discomfort and caused headaches and sleepiness; also, I had discomfort in both knees. After, receiving acupuncture from Dr. Park, I noticed the pain has subsided both in my neck and knees. After, several visits, I am able to turn to the right and I have no pain in both my neck and knees. Plus, I am sleeping much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Parks to anyone who is experiencing pain anywhere in the body.

Thank you, Dr. Park


R. H.


November 2013

After my first visit, I felt my mind relax and my appetite returned almost immediately ... anxiety is much more manageable and the panic attacks have stopped ... my insomnia reduced dramatically


Dear Prospective Acupuncture Patients,

I began seeing Dr. Park three months ago because I was suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and a loss of appetite. I was hesitant to try acupuncture at first, but wanted to try this procedure based upon the urging of a good friend.

After a thorough initial consultation, I began my first treatment with Dr. Park. His caring and kind demeanor put me at ease. The needles are small and while you might feel a slight pinch, are painless. The experience is extremely relaxing. After my first visit, I felt my mind relax and my appetite returned almost immediately. I started going once a week, then twice a week, now I go every two weeks. The anxiety is much more manageable and the panic attacks have stopped. After a few sessions, my insomnia reduced dramatically, now my sleeping pattern has returned to normal.

I would highly suggest this as a treatment to anyone in the midst of severe anxiety. Through the help of Dr. Park, I was able to manage my illness without medication. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Park and am glad to know this is a treatment I can use again in the future, should I need it.



Freehold, NJ 

Apr. 2013
Acid reflux, Blood pressure,
Regularity of Heart Beat,
Sinus issues, Insomnia,
Knee and Back pain
I'm a woman in my 50's and have been going for Acupuncture sessions with Insung Park on average of every other week for well over a year. 
He is a master in his craft and can pinpoint the exact areas to apply needles for wellbeing and energy flow throughout the body. 
My battles have included the following ailments at different intervals of time: acid reflux, blood pressure, regularity of heart beat, sinus issues, insomnia, knee and back pain, but they have all greatly improved and I continue ongoing treatments for anything that ails me.
Insung can even perform acupuncture on the face for anti-wrinkle and anti-age function.  I am a lot more energetic and youthful and furthermore, I haven't had any respiratory ailments of any kind for well over a year. I hardly use pharmaceuticals of any kind and I can honestly say that acupuncture is a life saver in many ways and we are very fortunate to have Insung. 
I wholeheartedly recommend trying any of Insung's treatments for anything that ails you and for stress relief and relaxation.  It works for me and it's now a way of life.
Bordentown, NJ




March 2013


Raynaud’s and sleep quality and consistency has improved tremendously   able to focus and concentrate better 


I began going to Insung Park in early January to treat two problems of mine, Raynaud’s phenomenon and infertility (no period for 14 months).  After 10 weeks of acupuncture treatments two times a week and 8 weeks of taking herbs the Raynaud’s has markedly improved. Overall I feel much warmer than I used to and my hands and feet no longer lose feeling when exposed to cold.  While the cold in my hands and feet has not gone completely I feel a difference and believe the acupuncture and herbs are helping!  I have not had my period yet but I feel my body changing and heading in the right direction!

From the very beginning of my treatments I have felt much better in many other ways.  My sleep quality and consistency has improved tremendously. Before acupuncture I would often wake up several times in the middle of the night and have vivid dreams.  Now I sleep deeply without waking up and without dreams.  Upon waking in the morning I feel well rested, refreshed and energized for the day! My digestion is also a lot better than in the past too.  I also feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day. Most of all I my mind is more sharp. I am able to focus and concentrate better at work and I don’t get tired as quickly as I used to!  I look forward to continuing my treatments each week and expect to see only more improvement as time goes on! Insung is always accommodating and will answer any question of mine with good explanation. I feel he’s really looking out for my best interest and believe he is incredibly knowledgeable!  Thank you Insung Park.








Apr. 2011

Diabetes, Hot flush, Chronic tiredness, Stress, Polyuria and Insomnia

I started Acupuncture in December 2010.  I had been taking medication for diabetes for about ten years and have been seeing my doctor on regular basis but within the last year I had been getting high numbers of A 1 c, which had risen to 13 and my number were out of control waking up in the morning, with numbers no less than 250.  Going to bed at night I had numbers of 600 and better.  I knew i had to take another way, I just didn't know which method.  I thought about acupuncture but i didn't know if they were going to take my insurance and i really couldn't afford to pay with cash.  I prayed and asked God to show me the way and I was lead to call Acupuncture Park.  I thank God for leading me here and I thank Dr Park for accepting me.  My numbers today are stable my stress level has gotten better since my last visit to the endocrine doctor.  My medication was stopped.  I believe that one day people will be able to choose treatments that will actually be able to heal their there body without causing more other problems.  Also I felt less frequent number of urination, less heavy body, better tiredness, sleeping and even hot flush. I can truly say Acupuncture has saved my life.  I can never thank you enough Dr. Park, you are the best!!

 -Jimetta West


Insomnia, Autoimmune disease (Sjorgren's), Purpura

I have been Insung Park’s acupuncture patient for 10 years of insomnia with the symptoms of shallow sleeping, 7-8 times wake up during every night and very tired all-day long. The improvement started 2 months later and now, after 8months of treatment, I sleep much better, wake up only 1-2 time each night, more deep sleeping and feel rested most of the time.

Another benefit I have received from acupuncture relates to an autoimmune disease I have, Sjogren’s. This disease causes body fluids to dry up- I have very dry eyes, very little saliva, and little joint lubrication. I also have Purpura, blood disorder. Since getting acupuncture, my blood work has improved by over 75%. I have much more saliva (I can now eat without drinking after every bite), and I have more tear production. My western doctors have advised me to continue the acupuncture treatments.

Thank you Insung Park


Lauren Williams